Digital touch-ups provide numerous advantages over the typical airbrush techniques:

  • No damage to original print or digital file

  • More control over color correction

  • Ability to bring out more details in the most important parts of an image

  • Ability to rid image of distractions

  • Clear blemishes without making the image soft

  • Turn color into black and white

  • And so much more!

Prices for touch-up start at $25 per picture and go up depending on the amount of editing needed

  • Photographs are scanned at high resolution and 48 bit color to insure the highest picture quality reproductions possible

  • They are then carefully edited and readied for the printing process

  • You receive a CD with your photographs ready for print as well as files compressed and edited for use on the world wide web

  • You also receive a high quality printout of each photograph for proofing and printing house review


Photography by Aaron Norris

Photography by Melissa Hamburg