5 Design Trends Using Large Format Printers

Design Trends Using Large Format Printers

With a large format printer, you have endless creative possibilities. Large format printers allow you to unleash your inner creative spirit on any medium. While modern technology may have moved away from print media, there a lot of things you can do with a large format printer. Spruce up the walls of your empty spaces, frame some photos, do whatever your mind desires!

Exhibit U is a division of Color Reflections, a professional Grand-format commercial print agency with numerous locations nationwide. The company was established in the mid 1980s with a mission to provide excellent products & quick turn-around times.

Some of the latest large format printing Orlando trends include:

Styling Walls

Styling walls is by far the most common large format printing trend. You will hardly miss enormous graphics on walls in hospitals, sports stadiums, public transport stations among other public areas. They are fun and effective ways to promote your products, brand, company, history, or just some extra source of income from advertising.

The latest technology allows you to print very immersive images and graphics on your wall using any material you desire. The good thing with large format printers is that you are not just limited to walls, you can even have the graphics you want on doors and ceilings as well.

Cover your windows

Another great use for large format printers is for covering up your windows. Why leave out your windows when your walls already have some impressive graphics. Modern technology allows you to create graphics for all kinds of windows. You can use cling films, as well as, clear vinyl if you want to completely cover your windows or perforated vinyl for a better view from inside.

Take the message with you

Using large format printing on transportation allows your message to go straight to your audience. It is one of the most effective means of advertising. You can wrap your car, van, public bus, train or even boat with some serious and creative graphics. You will always reach new clients or target more people.

Hide your messy fence

Fences are often dull and just an eyesore in many cases. However, they can be an excellent canvas for your creative spirit. Fences can be used to portray the image of a company to the outside world with some fresh graphics. They can also be a great source of advertising.

I’m sure you can remember a construction site surrounded by a beautiful fence with graphics. The graphics either showcase the company’s products or a graphical representation of the project.

The types of materials

As technology evolves, so does the printing medium. We have seen more and more materials being supported by large format printers that allow for an even more convincing representation of the message. Some of the newest printing materials include magnetic materials that stick on metal surfaces and adhesive materials that are durable even under extreme weather conditions.


It doesn’t matter what message you want to convey or the materials you have at your disposal. With modern large format printing, the word is your canvas to unleash your creativity draw more clients or educate a larger group of people.

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