How Can a Wide-format Printer Help Your Business?

How Can a Wide-format Printer Help Your Business

Traditionally, people used a printer in an office for simple tasks such as printing documents for meetings or brochures for businesses. However, as companies have grown, the scope of printing has significantly changed. Businesses require more printing options that can’t be handled by regular printers. Large format printers have changed the printing landscape for many businesses.

Advantages of large format printers

Large format printers are capable of producing stunning images and graphics. This feature makes them stand out in comparison to regular printers. Additionally, they have the following advantages:

Microscopic Ink droplets

With this technology, you can have clear and detailed graphics accurately printed on your material. The microscopic ink droplets allow for much finer print detail compared to regular printing machines.

Images vs. Text

At Exhibit U, we print high quality images. Our large format printers produce a distinct separation of pictures and texts. Our large format printers allow your text to be crisp with clear outlines while the images are printed with more depth and rich tones. You will never mix up the two components in one image!

High Turnaround

Large format printers are designed for abuse. They have an extremely high turnaround and they are built to produce large quantities of paper. If you require many copies day-to-day, then a large format printer is what you have been missing.

How Can a Wide-format Printer Help Your Business?

Wide-format printers have many applications. They can be used in almost all kinds of industry, from construction to print media. Some of the most common applications include:

Housing and Construction – The housing and construction sectors are one of the biggest beneficiaries of wide-format printing. Large format printers can create architectural drawings, structural designs, interior décor, plus many others. It allows the different players to represent construction data concisely and accurately.

Product marketing and advertisements – Regardless of the product or service you are marketing, graphics are what grabs the user’s attention. Wide-format printers allow you to target different consumers with high quality prints using unique and creative designs.They can be used to create banners, wall covering, posters, and other marketing and advertisement materials.

Institutions and entertainment – Wide-format printers are useful for major institutions such as schools, hospitals, and entertainment spots like casinos and clubs. For example, hospitals use them to create informational banners on the diseases they treat and other services they offer. If you want to highlight the upcoming events in your club or casino, what better way than a large graphic! They are great for creating stunning signage that explores your creativity.


There are so many applications and benefits of using wide-format printing in your business. It opens endless possibilities for you and your company to market your services and products in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Wide-format printers have become so affordable that most businesses can afford to buy one and save the cost of outsourcing printing projects. Get yourself a wide format printer today and see your business grow!

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