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UV Printing

Looking for something fast?  Our UV Printing services may just be the ticket. UV inks are able to adhere to virtually any surfaces thus making this print process an extremely viable alternative for a large array of print options.

Allow the team at Exhibit U to help you achieve your goals! We will design and print to your custom requirements.  Whether you are looking for small or large format prints, we can get the job done right the first time.  Our print services will give your graphics the added touch to grab your visitors attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

For special applications such as displays, exterior signage, wraps, clear packaging, magnets, stickers or other surfaces, UV Printing offer a great solution to virtually any job at hand.  With UV Printing, it’s easy to print on non-paper substrates such as styrene, plastic, clear polypropylene or PVC.

Fast Curing Times

We are able work with gloss or dull UV applications.  Many of our processes, such as spot or flood applications, allow us to virtually dry print runs immediately. As such, we are able to provide amazing, high quality products.  Virtually any application is possible.

How Does UV Printing Work?

UV printing is a type of digital printing process which utilizes ultra-violet lighting to cure the ink as it is printed.  Essentially, UV lights follow a print process drying the ink virtually immediately.  As the ink does not have the opportunity to spread on the printed materials the print ultimately results in higher resolution detail.  Additionally, UV-cured inks show a much higher resistance to fading and thus prove to be the product of choice for many outdoor applications.

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