The Importance of Business Cards at Trade Shows

In today’s society, everything we do is digital. We are sending our email, signing contracts, going to meetings, and networking virtually. A business card is a marketing tool the digital world hasn’t replaced. Here are some reasons why the “old school” business card still holds its importance when it comes to marketing your business at trade shows.

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1. Swapping contact information digitally lacks personal touch

When it comes to networking, it’s all about making personal connections. Although sending contact info via text or email is convenient, it also makes the exchange very impersonal. Having the opportunity to look at another person in the eye and have a conversation with them is the best way to build an authentic relationship with them.

When people are occupied in their phones, it creates disconnect and hinders people from being able to retain any significant memory from their encounter. Furthermore, a person can quickly transfer information from a business card to their mobile device.

2. Business cards are the most effective direct marketing tool

Email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media are great methods to attract leads and new prospects. However, these methods are not as effective as meeting someone in person and exchanging a business card.

When you’re at a tradeshow, you can encounter a future lead or contact at any time. Therefore, making sure you’re prepared with a business card at all times will guarantee you never miss an opportunity to make a meaningful business connection.

3. A business card is the first impression of your brand

When you meet someone that could be a great prospect, you should always leave them with a great first impression. A memorable business card at a trade show goes a lot further than passing your contact info through email or a phone number.

A great business card is a tool for you to provide a good first impression. Business cards also act as great icebreakers. A unique business card can keep your potential client engaged and interested in you and your brand.

4. Creative business cards get passed around

When you hand out your business card, you’re handing out a marketing material that allows your brand to stay with them at all times. If you were to meet someone at a trade show and exchange email addresses or a phone number, your networking and marketing end there. However, if you were to hand that same prospect a creative business card, then that person is more likely to show it to other possible prospects.

5. Business cards show you mean business

Have you ever found yourself exchanging contact information on a cocktail napkin? Handing someone a cocktail napkin with your phone number and email address doesn’t give off the most professional approach. If you were speaking with two individuals and one person was scrambling to find a pen while the other pulled out their business card. Who would you be most likely to do business with? Showing your future clients you’re prepared is a great indicator that displays off your professionalism.

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